8 Advice to Conduct Better UX Research Interviews

8 Advice to Conduct Better UX Research Interviews

Interviews are one of my favorite UX research methods to get started in any project. I wrote about 3 UX research methods that never fail before, one of which is conducting interviews. Here is a list of 8 advice to conduct a successful interview:

  1. Always do your general research on the topic and have a list of questions prepared ahead of time. Have the script in front of you but try to remember the questions so that you don’t have to look at them often during an engaging conversation. However, if you find something interesting takes place in an interview, feel free to explore that with new questions outside the script.
  2. Get to know each other first with a little casual conversation to ease into the serious stuff. Appreciate what they are wearing (a compliment always warms thing up!), try to build a sense of comfort and trust.
  3. Having two people in the interviewing team is better than one. One can focus on the questions and other can take notes. However, having a large team of interviewers is a no no, it can easily overwhelm the interviewee and he/she may hesitate to open up.
  4. Ask open ended question. Give the interviewee chance to open up and share their experience without having to answer something with yes or no only. Ask why and how often. The more they talk, the more you can learn.
  5. Don’t make assumptions, try not to ask too many leading questions. Asking “Tell us about your habit of using instant messaging apps” is better than asking “How often do you use WhatsApp?” The first approach lets you explore what the subject actually does. The latter assumes that the user’s messaging activity is limited within WhatsApp.
  6. When needed more information, let the interviewee elaborate their answer. One smart way to do this is to stay silent for a while. This will make the subject needing to fill the silence and keep talking on the topic.
  7. No matter how good you are at note taking, always record the interview (with permission of course). You never know when you may miss a vital piece of information. Go through the record once you are ready to gather interview findings.
  8. Don’t forget to thank the interviewee for their time at the end of the interview. Be respectful in using their personal information.

This article originally appeared on Muzli

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